Shit Parkers - Let the humorous shaming of bad parking begin...

Public Service Announcement

Public service feels good.  According to 55% of people taking part in a poll conducted by Chek news in Victoria, that’s exactly what Shit Parkers does.  Of course, some thanks should be given to the savvy owner Perrier Roofing, who took his story to the media when one of his trucks ended up on our Victoria Facebook page.  The young roofer, who temporarily parked in a handicap spot apologized and his girlfriend asked me to remove the photo.  I obliged.  Perrier Roofing made a nice remark on the thread before it was taken down, and I felt like it was a good response from them that helped me with my decision.
chek-news-pollHey, I’m not a bad guy.  You made a mistake, got caught and said you’re sorry.  Now for the other 45% that said no we’re not a public service, I say this.  The Victoria page alone has over 15,300 followers currently, and has a reach of over 40,000.  Constantly, people say that they check their parking now, because of these pages.  People are being actively more considerate.  The message is getting out there.  If you say there are far greater concerns in society right now, and that parking should be at the bottom of the list.

You’re right.  But it’s still on the list.

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