Shit Parkers - Let the humorous shaming of bad parking begin...

Shit Parkers of Victoria in the Times Colonist

Shit Parkers of Victoria was mentioned by Jack Knox in an article about the parking issues in Victoria, British Columbia. The article is a great read have a look at the excerpt below.

There’s the guy in the pickup truck who tries squeezing into a small-car spot. There’s the one who angle-parks across two spots because his car is sooooo much nicer than yours and deserves the extra protection from door dings. Most common are those offenders who simply can’t stay within the lines, their wheels encroaching on the neighbouring space like Russia helping itself to a slice of Ukraine. (Putin parkers, as it were.)

All these outlaws have been able to lead their Bonnie and Clyde lives with impunity — until now.

Now, they are subject to vigilante justice, to being outed in public by the emergence of apps and websites dedicated to the social shaming of bad drivers.

Here in the capital, people have begun posting photos of badly positioned cars to a Facebook page called S— Parkers of Victoria. Going by the pictures — a selection of vehicles that appear to have been parked by an earthquake — people in rule-bound Bureaucracy-by-the-Water suddenly turn rogue when behind the wheel.

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